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Emma Gee

Inspiring Stroke Survivor / Resilience + change specialist

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Consultant, Speaker

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Emma Gee is one of Australia’s acclaimed Inspirational Speakers.  She’s a renowned expert and a living example of what it takes to step in another’s shoes and truly bounce back to life!

With a background in Occupational Therapy and as a Stroke survivor, she offers her personal experiences, thoughts and solutions on person-centred care, change and resilience through keynote presentations, workshops and consultancy.

At just 24, Emma's future stretched before her. She was an occupational therapist, an avid runner and had just climbed Borneo’s Mt Kinabalu with a group of friends. But months later she was suddenly a stroke victim, unable to move, speak or swallow and dependent on the medical system she had worked within.

Emma’s story began with a mystery, first developing disturbing symptoms, then becoming a tragedy when, during a difficult brain operation, she suffered a debilitating stroke and was left in a coma. Nine days later she woke and slowly came to terms with the fact that her future had changed forever.

Tenaciously, Emma worked her way back to walking and talking again. As a former health professional she has a rare insight into life as a patient, and emerges with a very different perspective on person-centred care and what it takes to live with resilience.

Through her inspiring presentations, Emma is able to both captivate and challenge her audiences to consider what IS possible in their own lives.  Learning to speak again post-stroke, and realising the importance of sharing her story to help others, were the catalysts for Emma taking on speaking professionally.

Today, and thousands of presentations later, Emma has incredibly broad client group as an Inspirational Speaker: from healthcare (associations, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities); businesses & corporate events; community organisations; through to educational facilities. She has also published her first book entitled Reinventing Emma.

Emma is passionate about enhancing person-centred service delivery and resilience in the lives of all she works with and promises to leave her audiences inspired to bounce back and step up. Her signature phrase is “that it’s not what happens to you that matters, it’s how you choose to deal with it!” and will see her audiences moving past life’s hurdles to what’s possible.  

Some example keynote themes to date have included:

  • Empowering Resilience
  • Choosing your Path
  • Client Empathy
  • Therapeutic Alliance
  • Putting yourself in another’s shoes
  • Choice, Change & Challenge
  • Roadmap to Resilience

Emma runs inspiring interactive workshops that are a great opportunity for you, your team members, students and your clients to reflect and apply Emma’s key messages to your/their personal and professional lives.

Despite largely focusing on person-centred care and resilience, Emma speaks on a broad array of topics and is passionate about tailoring all presentations to her client’s specific needs. Please review some of the topics that Emma has explored within her presentations.


  • Injecting Diversity into your Workplace
  • Recruiting people with a disability & Return to Work
  • Dealing with disaster
  • Looking for positives in a multitude of negatives
  • Learning to help yourself
  • How to keep your head when others are losing theirs
  • How to become an optimist
  • How obstacles can be become opportunities
  • Respecting each other
  • Bouncing back from a difficult spot
  • How your attitude determines you altitude
  • The power of hope
  • To consider what is possible
  • Maintaining & sustaining performance
  • Eliciting potential in another


  • Disability advocacy
  • Facilitating building a new future
  • Improving rapport with your colleagues and clients
  • Enhancing communication skills and ability to work in a team
  • Putting yourself in your clients’ shoes: Client- centeredness
  • The impact of your actions on another
  • Are they your goals or your clients’?
  • Simple ways to involve your clients
  • If practice makes perfect, how to ensure this practice!
  • How to find your clients’ passion
  • Ensuring smooth transitions
  • The importance of goals
  • How to intervene holistically
  • Putting yourself in your clients’ shoes
  • Empowering your clients with a choice
  • Simple ways to advocate disability
  • Embracing your clients without prejudice
  • Active Service Model(ASM)


  • Creating a high performing team
  • How to ensure effective team leadership
  • How to improve your team meetings
  • Tips to ensure team based client service
  • The effectiveness of a multi-disciplinary approach
  • Recognition that professional development is an investment for ongoing achievement
  • Making sure we all provide the same level of service
  • How to clarify your purpose/values/goals
  • Simple ways to give feedback
  • The benefits of knowing and articulating your individual role
  • The secrets to creating an optimistic atmosphere
  • Creating solid partnerships


  • Not merely talking the importance of eyes, hands, posture in building rapport
  • The power of debriefing
  • A holistic message: the benefits of past and future liaison
  • Meeting with your clients supporters
  • The secrets to conveying positive messages
  • How to use optimistic language

Possible topics Emma could explore in her presentations could include;

  • Choosing to learn from your mistakes – Making failure part of Education
  • Choosing to view Obstacles as Opportunities
  • How to choose the right path?
  • Persistence
  • Drawing on our Life lessons
  • The Power of Perspective
  • Turn Fear into Courage
  • Building resilience
  • Exploring Goals – how high do we aim?
  • How our Attitude determines our Altitude
  • How to cope with the challenge of change
  • How to Prioritise – What matters?


  • Do your students need to be inspired to set goals and achieve a sense of perspective?
  • How can they choose their paths & approach setbacks and ‘bounce back’ in a positive and enriching way?
  • Perhaps your students need extra motivation?
  • Many students may need a reminder about the importance of balancing their lives and to put their studies in perspective.
  • Surely their mindsets will significantly impact their studies and your schools overall performance!


  • Do your staff need their motivation refueled for the New Year?
  • Do they need encouragement and direction when it comes to communicating with the students and staff?
  • Maybe your staff members need some momentum to deliver at the high standards you aspire to!
  • How can they inspire, motivate, challenge and nurture your school community?
  • How can your school community become more optimistic


  • Open yourself to what’s possible
  • Maintaining and sustaining performance
  • Eliciting potential & possibility & positivity from tough times
  • The importance of authenticity
  • How to empower another
  • How to generate n foster good rapport
  • Do you often feel betrayed by a colleague or client?
  • The power of choice
  • Asking why me?
  • The value of respect and dignity
  • Staying true to your word
  • Why your actions shape another’s performance
  • Pain is pain

Speak with Emma to work out which combination of the above topics work best for you. Choose to step UP!