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Graeme Sinclair MNZM

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Graeme Sinclair is one of New Zealand's best known TV personalities with his popular series 'Gone Fishin' ... he inspires many business groups about change, teamwork and the power of the human spirit.

Graeme fronted his first programme of Gone Fishin on TV3 in 1993 and since then he's become one of NZ's most popular personalities. He has a very diverse and interesting background - he majored in Physical Education at Teachers Training college and joined a pharmaceutical company where he moved from sales representative to National Sales Manager before setting up in partnership handling advertising accounts for several pharmaceutical companies and organising and guiding white water rafting trips, hunters, divers and fishermen.

He later established a company specialising in the development of outdoor management and team building courses and incentive outdoor and leisure programmes. He planned and led expeditions to Fiordland, Marlborough Sounds and Three Kings Island to hunt, dive and fish as well as research subjects of historical significance.

After numerous TV appearances and writing various articles for outdoor publications in NZ and Australia, Graeme purchased an interest in a TV production company in 1993 and fronted the first series of Gone Fishin. Then followed his first book 'New Zealand - A Wild Place to Play' and the formation of Frontier Television in 1994 as producer, director, and underwater cameraman for 26 Gone Fishin episodes and an 'Inside NZ' doco 'Fiordland- Coastline of Adventure'

In 1997 Graeme was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis while researching for his second book and into his 5th Series of Gone Fishin' (now screening in many countries around the globe). Graeme's passion for life, in the face of an illness that would daunt most people, continued and he produced his 6th series of Gone Fishin' before becoming TV3’s weatherman in Feb 1998. He had to learn to drive a wheelchair and he still lived a very demanding and full life.

In 2010, 104 episodes of Gone Fishin went into Russia and the Baltic states to begin screening as part of his re-entry into international markets and in 2013 he featured in a documentary "CinemAbility" which premiered in Hollywood in July

Graeme continues to produce his Gone Fishin' (now series 22) and is a skilful wheelchair driver, angler, diver and hunter. His story is one of inspiration and motivation - of living every day as if was your last; of change - from healthy successful TV personality one day to being confined to a wheelchair the next. He has very strong views on life and you will be inspired by his personal philosophy.

As well as living his passion Graeme is also a very successful author and his programme also has received enthusiastic feedback from NZ and overseas. He has written 5 books on hunting and fishing in New Zealand. His 6th book (an autobiography) "Life on Wheels" was published in 2011.

Graeme was awarded Member of the NZ Order of Merit in the 2009 Queen's Birthday Honours for his services to television. He is the host of the TradeZone Gone Fishin Saturday morning radio show. He has also been appointed a Patron of Police Light through his involvement with TradeZone Kids Gone Fishin - a kids' half day of fun and fishing which has now been running for 15 years. He's also a Wing Patron for the Royal NZ Police College Recruit Wing 267.

He speaks to many business groups about change, teamwork (essential for fishing) and the power of the human spirit, inspiring audiences wherever he goes.


Graeme was simply outstanding. Many people have said he was the highlight of their day. Graeme’s story was at once spellbinding, funny, and - at times - unbearably sad. But through it all came his tenacity, courage and passion for life. No one was left untouched by his presence on this day. It was truly a pleasure to meet him and have him as part of our team event.
Scott McKee - Communcations Advisor, healthAlliance

Graeme was perfect. A lot of people named him as the highlight of the whole day! We felt very privileged to have him answer additional questions at the end and we were thrilled with him.
Sarah McVerry - MyFarm Limited

The feedback we have received from our clients and staff has been exceptional.  Graeme presented brilliantly, was very entertaining and such a positive inspiration to us all.  I’d go as far to say that he’s the best guest speaker we’ve had.  Thank you again for all your help.
Event Organiser – Veterinary Client Evening

We have a lot of positive feedback from Graeme’s presentation. We had 10 different speakers which spoke on conference day and many of our delegates rated Graeme’s presentation at the top of the list. We had asked for Graeme to be our evening entertainment speaker with emphasis on humour and a good story – he delivered exactly this. His use of video in his presentation ensured the audience was kept entertained for the entire time. He also gave us a real personal insight into his life and challenges with MS but very cleverly related them back to business related “morals” which helped even those without previous interest in fishing to be able to relate.
Philippa McTavish- MyFarm Limited

I just want to extend my personal thanks to you both. Your presentation was perfectly delivered and exceeded my expectations! We have some very happy clients and sales teams as well. You are such an inspiration and a pleasure to work with and I would very much like to get you back again someday - I think your message should be heard by more.
Jennian Homes - Nelson Bays