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Ralph Brown CSP

Communication Specialist / The psychology of Success

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Consultant, Speaker

Humorous, Interactive, Motivating, Insightful, Engaging, Impactful, Thought provoking, Highly Credible, Professional, Empowering, Inspirational

Business, Communication, Attitude, Health, Leadership, Media skills, After dinner, Persuasion, Pitching, Resilience, Psychology of success

Ralph Brown specialises in  communication, the psychology of success and how the world's most resilient people handle stress!

Ralph’s expertise focuses on the science of motivation, resilience and persuasion and he’s recently had a couple of reviews of the research published in international journals – he’s also written four books on psychology and communication.

He is an entertaining and engaging speaker with substance - he has a background in business, psychology and television, he takes workshops throughout New Zealand and in Australia on personal development and communication skills. He has also helped thousands of New Zealanders and Australians develop their writing skills.  He has written for business for 25 years and is the author of six books about the science of success and writing. 

Ralph is the managing director of a successful communications training company. For the last 25 years, his company has been helping people become more effective at work. His clients are some of the largest organisations in New Zealand. Its overseas clients include the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation. 

He has worked in all the major media - including 15 years reporting and directing news and current affairs for Television New Zealand and on secondment to the BBC in Norwich and London - he's also a former chair of the walnut industry. 

In 2011 Ralph was awarded a prestigious CSP for his speaking - this accreditation has only been awarded to approximately 12% of the international membership of National Speakers Association, who have met the difficult qualifying criteria. 


"Ralph captivated and informed us for an hour. It was a superb performance. His engaging, relaxed manner was the mark of a true professional, using vocal techniques, anecdotes, research, absorbing content and humour. It was a presentation not to be missed.'
President – National Speakers Assoc, Christchurch 

Comments from workshop participants: 

“Best course I’ve been to in years.” 

“I found it very informative and motivating. I look forward to putting it into practice.” 

“Excellent, entertaining, to the point.” 

“Very good. I came away with some clearly defined ideas.” 

“Excellent, stimulating session. Never boring!” 

“Very well run and covered all aspects thoroughly. ‘Hands on’ practical exercises very useful and best way to learn.” 

“A well structured workshop with ample opportunity for interactive input.” 

“I was impressed. The way it was run made me sit up and listen. Interesting, useful.”


Resilience – Turning victims into problem-solvers

Ralph’s story: Ralph was driving in the CBD in Christchurch at 12:51 on Feb 22, 2011 – the day of the fatal Canterbury earthquake. He was saved from almost certain death by a red traffic light. Within seconds the street was filled with thousands of distressed and injured people. The business he built over 27 years was suddenly under serious threat. He can tell of the simple strategy that allowed the business to be up and running again by the next day - with a fully-focused team. Ralph’s four books include Success at Work and at Home (about the psychology of success) and The Village that Could – the 15 ways to develop your resilience. His background includes psychology, business and journalism with TVNZ and the BBC. Your attendees will leave with simple, practical ways to develop their resilience – as individuals and teams. 

The art of (honourable) Persuasion

Simple, practical and ethical techniques for your persuasion toolkit. They’ll make your presentations, recommendations and proposals more compelling. They are all based on objective research, not what people think will work. Ralph can tell you how just one of the methods he used in a health campaign has been saving lives for more than a decade. What does Ralph know? He’s been using research-based methods in his own business and in campaigns for clients for many years. He is the author of Success at work and at home – a non-psychologists guide the what the research reveals about successful people. 

Let’s have some fun with business writing

Is it possible to make business writing fun – and useful? Oh yes. It’s a great way to start, or enhance, a plain English culture in your organisation. Ralph will get your attendees laughing as he shows them what professional writers really do – a simple method to transform their writing. The result will be more than just plain English. It’s also a way to build a relationship with their readers. It’s better customer service. What does Ralph know? He’s been writing professionally for more than 30 years – in business, for television and as the author of four books. He has chaired the judging panel for business documents for the Writemark Plain English Awards. He has taught his simple writing method to thousands of New Zealanders and Australians.