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Wayne Brown

Business Turnaround Specialist

Travels From:
Kerikeri (Northland) + Auckland

Consultant, Speaker

Inspiring, Insightful, Engaging, Memorable, Savvy, Credible, Impactful, Humorous, Knowledgeable

Culture, Leadership, Business, Resilience, Strategy, Customer service, Change

Wayne Brown is a specialist in business 'turnarounds' - he's been called a 'fixer' a 'maverick' and a 'straight shooter' and he specialises sorting out Government enterprises! 

It's not surprising that Wayne has been called in to rescue failing enterprises. He takes a straightforward view of complex problems to help people come up with solutions.He maintains that people/organisations are in trouble because they have no direction, so he takes charge.He adopts a common sense approach – “find out what the problems are, listen, assess and act”. He explains early to staff what is happening and what’s expected of them as some small action is better than nothing and there’s always something that can be done straight away. 

Under his guidance the following has been achieved:

  • Northland Health turned a $7 million loss into a $500,000 surplus
  • Southland Health had its $1.5 million monthly loss cut to $300,000 within 5 months and soon after operating in half the area.
  • Vecta from turning power off to $130 million profit
  • LTSA, 64,000 complaints over digital driver licensing to peace & quiet and a string of lowest road tolls
  • Tairawhiti Hospital Board, from no local confidence to being voted onto the board despite being on holiday at the time. 

He's chaired the Auckland District Health Board, Northland District Health Board (10 years) and Tairawhiti District Health Board; Vector, the Land Transport Safety Authority, some small hitech start-ups, Cabletalk, Broadcasting Communications Ltd, and is a former director of TVNZ and Maori TV.

His track record speaks for itself and he believes “regardless of what business you operate, it’s all about giving value and customer focus. People inside a business are not what it is there for.  It’s there for people outside the business and the greatest asset is the goodwill of customers”. It’s this approach that elected him as Mayor of the Far North of NZ for two terms. 

Wayne is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors and Professional Engineers and a self- made millionaire. He sold out of his consulting engineering practices, orcharding businesses and Sundance channel, to pursue his commercial and residential property interests, both in NZ and offshore. He’s a former Sunday Star Times & Northland Age columnist; owner of a fast growing international surf clothing and sports goods business; the only Kiwi invited to the Georgetown University (Washington DC) leadership seminar and he developed houses in Kerikeri in a secure subdivision with tennis courts and lakes.

He has long commercial activities in and with Chinese businesses.

  • one of only 40 kiwis present at the lunch in Beijing following the signing of the FTA with China, hosted by Helen Clark and Wen Ji Bao.
  • part owned a surfboard making plant in Jongshan since 2008
  • has two chinese partners in Tai Tokerau Mineral Ltd (Northland's largest gold prospector)
  • recently signed a multi million dollar export deal between Northland Milk (a company he has a 25% share in) and a very large Chinese SOE
  • involved as lead engineer for Shanghai CRED who are about to spend $300m redeveloping Carrington Resort in the Far North
  • leads a business delegation to the province of Liaoning in Northern China (a province the size of France wtih the same population but a bigger economy).
  • has a wealth of knowledge and experience for those thinking of doing business with China (both in NZ or off-shore)and gives helpful advice in this area.

Wayne doesn't take himself too seriously and has an excellent sense of humour. His love of his family and surfing provide just the right balance in his life to deal with any stressful times. He was president of Surfing NZ for several years and took NZ teams to a number of World Champs.He still surfs both here and overseas and enjoys taking to the slopes for a spot of snow boarding. 


Wayne's presentations are based around his book "The 5 Minute MBA" which contains distilled crucial and valuable points, vital for everyone at every level of business. 

1.    Always get on with the person with the money.
2.    Do something straight away and fix mistakes now.
3.    Realistically accept where you are now and agree where you want to be.
4.    Behave as you expect the staff to behave.
5.    When put in charge, take charge.
6.    Do the right thing.
7.    Constantly challenge everything and ask any and every question.
8.    Devolve responsibility and accountability.
9.    You have to do whatever you have to do to deliver what you said you would deliver.
10.  Always ask at all levels how this would sound in court. 









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